Do I need Orthotics?

Do you think that you need Orthotics? For those that don’t know, consider several things listed here. First of all, orthotics are used by millions of people across the world. They are available over the counter or by prescriptions from podiatrists. Their job is to align your feet in order to avoid or treat injuries.

People are on their feet all day, and most of the time not in the most comfortable shoes either.  Construction workers for instance put themselves at risk of plantar fascitis because many steel toed boots do not provide proper support.  25% of all people have a normal running pattern. The rest don’t. For those that don’t, their feet may overpronate or underpronate. This means that the foot turns too much or not enough. Overpronation or Underpronation can lead to serious injury and a lot of pain. But, orthotics can help this. They can correct the problem by adjusting the angles in which your feet touch the ground.

Orthotics can help with such conditions as plantar fascitis, chronic blisters, shinsplints, and leg length problems. Whatever problem you have within your body, it is more than likely caused by too much stress on it. Too much stress causes things to break, rip or tear. In this case, orthotics help prevent these injuries by reducing the amount of stress that has caused the problem in the first place.